Give Us 12-24 Minutes Of Your Time 4 Days A Week And We’ll Show You How To Turbo-Charge Your Energy Levels, Regain Your Edge & Lose Up To 12-34lbs In 90 Days Or Less Without Taking Over Your Entire Life In The Process
Here are the details for you :-)
I’m Going To Be Helping 8 High Performers Over 40 Turbo-Charge Their Energy Levels, Regain their Edge, And Drop Up To 12-34lbs In Just 12-24 Minutes, 4 Days A Week In 90 Days Or Less All Without Taking Over Their Entire Life In The Process

They’ll Be Able To Finally…
 Get 6-8 hours of restful sleep, no longer wake up feeling groggy, and instead, wake up rested and energized with that fire in their belly to take on the world
 Attack their workdays with the enthusiasm, drive and focus without energy crashes or having to fuel on caffeine.
 Get back the energy, drive, and stamina they had in their early 20’s and have plenty left in the tank at the end of the day and workweek to spend time being present with the people they love and want to spend time with.
  Fit back into their favorite sharp-looking suits and shirts again and walk tall with newfound inner confidence and power.
 Clear their mind of stress, remain calm and be patient so those who depend on them feel much more "at ease" to know that they are dealing with someone who's in control (even during times of chaos)
 Drop the extra weight and tone up around the midsection without having to starve themselves, sacrifice their productivity or step foot in a gym to make that happen.
And guess what…

We’re going to pull this off without willpower, restrictive diets, or having to give up all their free time working out.

Now, I’m not saying that dropping a few pounds around your belly and increasing your energy levels will be as simple as taking a magic pill… 

...but if you’re willing to put in a little work you’ll have the energy, the stamina and the confidence to take on anything life throws at you. 

Glad you asked.

Here’s why we can help guys quickly and easily shed belly fat and increase their energy faster than anything they’ve tried before all without having it take over their entire life in the process

Most methods and programs don’t take into account...

1. The physical and hormonal changes men go through as they get older

2. The stress created by a busy high performing career

3. The pressure of balancing a hectic schedule along with business & family life

Not to mention most things out there to help you get this area of your life under control are either aimed to beat you down, starve you to death, or take over your entire life….

stacking even more of a problem on your already overloaded plate.

...most of these “methods and programs” are designed to work really well for those in their early 20’s 

...with minimal stress, responsibilities and a hormonal balance that makes dropping belly fat pretty easy.

But in my experience after working with more than 1,000 + high producing busy men in your position for the better part of a decade…

...we need to look at things a lil’ differently if we want to put an 
end to belly fat, low energy and feeling sluggish for the long term. 
Discover how Shaun went from having zero energy and being out of shape to having more sustained energy even after a long day of work and losing 60 pounds in the process...
Discover how Dusty at 43 years old went from tired, out of shape and feeling like he was 60 years old to dropping 47lbs and 15% body fat as well as improving his business and relationship because all of the extra energy he had 
Discover how Elliott went from feeling miserable to dropping a total of 37lbs and increasing his confidence to do things that he never thought he could do before in all aspects of his life
Discover how Chris went from being overweight, tired and having lower confidence then he would have preferred to losing 60lbs, upgrading his confidence and having endless energy in just 13 weeks time 

Because with being pulled in multiple different directions between work and family commitments to everyday obligations and promises that have to be fulfilled they only have a limited amount of time to take care of themselves. 

Plus, as you get older, your hormones change dramatically (especially if you are carrying excess belly fat already)...

...and the stress of a high performing career pushes this hormonal imbalance even further.

Both of these things not only fuel fatigue, but also make it easier to gain belly fat… and harder to lose it.

Some guys decide to accept this as ‘it is what it is’ or as part of the aging process.

Others try to solve the problem with restrictive”diets” or brutal methods that worked for them in their younger years…

Only to fail because:

A. They either get bored and lose interest or end up so miserable and in so much pain they can’t stick to it long term and…

B. Their hormones and metabolism block them from seeing any results in the mirror.

(which is why they continue to struggle losing weight around their belly and increasing their energy levels naturally no matter how much effort they put in)

So instead, when you join us we’ll use my UPGRADED Accelerated Method to bring your HORMONES and METABOLISM naturally back into balance in just 12-24 minutes per day

Remember back in the day with old computers, they would crash all the time giving you that “blue screen of death”

It would become impossible to complete any work or get anything done.

Well, you can think of The Accelerated Method as kinda like rebooting your body when it crashes.

Without it you’re trying to succeed with a hormonal and metabolic profile that’s got stuck. 

It’s frozen and it makes it extremely difficult to drop belly fat and increase your energy for the long term. 

But with The Accelerated Method you can reboot your hormones, and metabolism, remove the “roadblock” that causes so many busy men to gain belly fat, and get back to wearing what you like and have the energy to fully enjoy your life. 


No more disappointment when it comes to clothes fitting, struggling with methods that don’t work or take up too much time or having to brutalize the body but getting nothing back in return.

My Accelerated Method rebalances hormones and reboots the metabolism…

And leaves you in a position where you can drop fat and increase your energy levels naturally like someone in their early 20’s. 

To be honest, this is the magic and how we have successfully helped over 1,000+ high performers get back to that "bounce out bed energy" they had in their early 20's, shed the extra pounds, and feel confident wearing whatever they like whilst significantly increasing their energy and confidence levels to conquer every day with ease, even in the face of stress and chaos

It’s not some fad diet, unsustainable quick-fix, or anything like that.

But after just 12 weeks of the ACCELERATED METHOD, you’re going to feel like a totally different person

You’ll see your waistline shrinking, your energy and confidence levels skyrocket and your life getting better than ever.

In fact, after just 10 weeks of being in the program, BJ said

“I’ve lost 18 pounds, my energy and confidence levels have increased significantly, and proved to myself that I can still climb the hill at 48!” 
And it’s not just BJ, men all over the world are using The Accelerated Method to increase their energy, performance and productivity whilst losing weight and feeling like a million bucks.

It would be great if you could join us too.

We’re creating our own tribe of high performing leaders over here...

….where all-day energy, performance, and fun across all areas of life is the standard.

Another client, Josh, said…

“I now look forward to the day instead of waking up exhausted.

...The mental and emotional energy that I have now compared to what I was before is dramatic and worth the investment alone. 

...I have the energy to truly lead my team at work. 


I don’t think they were looking at me with much confidence or respect... the time and I didn’t even realize it. 


I have more energy, I have more mental clarity. 

...I tackle projects faster which has allowed me to really accomplish a lot more in a day, in a week, in a month then I used to, even 3 months ago. 

...That’s been huge for me and my business.”

Think of The Accelerated Method as the combination to a 4 digit lock...

...but did you know there are 9,999 different combinations possible combinations to a 4 digit lock?

Well, you can try to crack it yourself and who knows maybe you will find a combination that works in a year or two or three maybe, but most likely never.

But with The Accelerated Method at your fingertips...’ll make cracking the code of shedding belly fat and turbo-charging your energy as simple as loading up a cheat menu and playing to WIN.

*Tone Up & Drop at Least 10lbs within the first 28 days in only 12-24 minutes a day
Using our simple Accelerated Hybrid Training System

You’ll be able to feel confident in your clothes again and no longer have to buy shirts too big only to hide your gut. 

As well as get rid of the belly that hangs over your designer boxers so that you feel like a rockstar in the bedroom and get laid WAY more often

Men start dropping fat, transforming the way their clothes fit and feeling like a million bucks within the first couple weeks of being accepted into the program. 
*Reclaim 2+ Hours in Your Day & Get Back the Energy of Your Early 20’s & Sustain It All Day long
After customizing our simple All Day Energy Formula, lethargy and tiredness will be gone, you’ll be able to experience what it’s like to wake up each day knowing you can get through it without crashing by 2 PM or having to fuel yourself with caffeine.

If it sounds too simple, you’re totally right. It’s taken me years of research, trial and error, and working with hundreds of busy men to make it as simple as 123. 
*Get that toned, lean physique that makes you look great naked without giving up foods like pizza, pasta, beer or wine...
We’ll be pulling this off using a simple to follow system known as “Feast Like A King”

This is a set of simple, yet flexible nutrition principles that will allow you to eat full satisfying meals and eat the foods you ENJOY without the worry of having to give up your social life because one dinner or drink will derail all your hard work and progress.

Dusty said “When I told my wife I had joined, she was happy for me, but a little nervous as she thought, I'd have to deprive myself or jeopardize family dinners because of some 'strict' diet.. that hasn't been the case at all.. In fact, she loves it..! We're eating like kings..!
*Sleep Better and no longer wake up feeling like it's already the end of the day
With our Accelerated Sleep System you’ll be able naturally fall into the deep restorative sleep you need to perform at your highest level.
*Never go back to the “unfit” you and finally fit back into those Favorite Sharp Suits of Yours and Keep it that Way, For Good.
Ever started a program before only to drop off after a few weeks then end up in a worse place than when you started?

Now, you’ll never have to worry about falling off the wagon or not fitting into your clothes again with daily access to unlimited support, coaching and accountability. 

Keeping you on track, motivated, and constantly progressing regardless of what life throws at you.

In fact our all-star client, Christopher, had to get a whole new wardrobe after shedding over 24lbs of body fat within just the first 8 weeks of joining. 
Discover how Neil went from weighing the heaviest he's ever been at 256lbs and getting out of breath when he would tie his shoes to losing over 30lbs and skyrocketing his confidence in both his business and his relationship 
Discover how Paul went from being exhausted all the time and overweight to losing 50lbs, 8 inches in his waist and gaining the energy to do things he never thought he could do before 
Discover how Hunter went from being in bad shape and feeling depressed at 240lbs to turning things around and dropping a total of 42lbs, transforming his mindset and increasing his energy to do more things in both his business life and his family life   
***The Next Step***
You don’t have to send me any money now.

In fact,

You won’t see a button to buy anything on this page.

There’s a couple reasons for that.

1- I’m sure you have a few questions you want answered before you enroll. Which I completely understand and will gladly answer 

2- I also have some questions for you too… remember,

I only work with men who I know for certain I can help get results.

So, call it “selfish” if you want (and maybe it is :)) but I need to make sure you and I will work well together...

...and that you’re the type of person who can and will follow through on the strategies and resources I share with you.

In other words - I need to know with certainty that I can get you the results I’m promising.

The call will be with me, Logan, personally - and I have to make sure you’re the right fit for this.

Truthfully, I'm not interested in working with anyone who isn’t 100% committed and on board with what we’re doing...

So a call is the best way for me to weed out the guys who are ready to play to win from the guys who aren't. 

Fair enough?

So, here’s all you have to do now. 

Click the button below and fill out the short application.
From there, we’ll chat…

... i’ll ask you a few questions to figure out whether or not I can actually get you the results you want - i’ll answer your questions - fill you in a few more key details (yes, like the price)

...and as long as we both agree that we’re a good match - we’ll get you enrolled.
I look forward to our chat,

Always in your corner,

- Logan

P.S.- And no, this isn't going to be one giant sales pitch.

Far from it.

It's a genuine exploration of your current situation, your desired results, and your readiness to take action to make your dream transformation a reality.

Because I tend to do things a bit differently (and because we leave nothing to chance) I just want to make sure that we're a good fit for each other before we even discuss the possibility of working together.

Sure… if I feel that you're a right fit and you feel I'm the right person to help you… I’ll share with you my professional perspective on what some possible next steps will be.  

But I’m NOT going to ram the Accelerated Method down your throat.

And look, I get it.

Booking in a call can seem daunting.

You might be worried I'm some Wolf Of Wall Street salesman with slick back hair and a tailored Van Heusen who's looking to twist you into a close, no matter what.

But that's just NOT how I operate.

(I'm not in the game of trying to convince guys to join in on the action... if it's not a "hell yes" from you, it's a "hell no" from me)

And here's the thing...

All our successful Accelerated Method students were once sitting on the sidelines, uncertain about whether this was the right step for them…

...but they ALL took the plunge by booking a Breakthrough call with me.

And now?

Well... you’ve seen the glowing video testimonials they've given us above.

But in case that wasn't enough - here are a few more success stories that might tip you over the edge:
“It’s not just the physical transformation…I even see the difference in my 7-year-old, because I’m able to spend more time with her.”
“Before this, I would tell you I was probably operating at 40, 50% energy, I’m in the 90% range with still a little bit more room to push myself to the next level.”
“Today, my two boys had a flag football game and I coach their team...something I would have passed up before.”
If you’re tired of being tired and you’re ready to feel alive and awake when you first wake up, have more energy throughout the day without needing any naps, shed the extra pounds, and unleash unshakable confidence over the next 90 days…
Frequently Asked Questions
Now… If I were you...

I’d imagine you’ve got a bunch of questions

At the risk of writing the Magna Carta… I’m going to answer some questions I’m sure you have below.

*****How is this different from other health and fitness programs I’ve tried?

Great question,

Most things out there to help you get this area of your life under control are either aimed to beat you down, starve you to death, or take over your entire life….

…or take up way too much time and make you sacrifice pretty much everything you enjoy.

That is not what we do here. 

Men of your caliber need the best approach for their specific situation- their hormones, their metabolism, and their lifestyle.

So together we’ll figure out exactly what works for YOU, meaning losing that extra weight around the midsection and increasing those energy levels never has to feel like a struggle. 

*****Do I need to go to a gym to exercise?

If you want to…

But there’s really no need to waste precious time traveling to the gym.

We provide virtual time-efficient workouts that can be done in the office, whilst traveling in a hotel or at home or even at the gym, just press play on your mobile device and follow along from wherever best suits you.   

*****How do I know this method will work for me?

We’ve helped over 1,000+ men take back control of their health, increase their energy, regain their edge and get back to feeling like they’re in their 20’s again. 

Our “secret sauce” if you can call it that is the ACCELERATED METHOD.

We’ve specifically designed this to help busy guys get sustainable results by optimizing their hormones, metabolism and giving them time-effective workouts.

As long as you’re willing to put in a little effort for 12 to 24 minutes a day you’ll never have to worry about your energy levels, belly fat or your overall health again.

*****Does this take up a lot of time?

Great question.

Our clients are generally strapped for time and have a lot going on with work and family commitments.

We’ve designed everything we do to take up as little time as possible. 

Men are often shocked by how little work can give them such amazing results.

If you choose the lowest time investment required it works out at just 48 minutes per week. 

****Do you have a guarantee?

Absolutely, if you follow the program in full (that includes check-ins with me) and you don’t put an end to belly fat or tiredness, I’ll work with you until you DO put an end to them.  

If for some weird, strange reason we just can’t get it done, I'll happily refund your investment. 

But after helping over 1,000 men I’ve got this down to where I can practically do this in my sleep, so I don’t see that happening.

****Can I run the program through as a business expense? 

Yes, you can. Some of our clients run this through their companies and use it as a tax write-off.
If You’re Tired Of Being Tired And You’re Ready To Feel Alive And Awake When You First Wake Up, Have More Energy Throughout The Day Without Needing Any Naps, Shed The Extra Pounds, And Unleash Unshakable Confidence Over The Next 90 Days…
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